Strata Titled Storage Condos (BC Only)

Condominium Title Storage Units (AB Only)

Why would I want to own a storage condo?

Why pay rent to store your boat, trailer, car, RV, sports gear, furniture, Christmas decorations, grandmother’s trunk and more, when you could be building equity in an investment instead.

Do I actually get a separate, legal title to a self storage unit?

Yes. You will receive the same legal title as in any condominium project.

How much are the strata fees and taxes?

This depends on the location of the project and the size of the storage condo. A guide for discussion is that a regular single garage size unit, 12' x 30', would cost about $28 per month for strata costs and $50 per month for taxes.

Is there an on-site manager?

This depends on the size and location of the project. The Sicamous location will have an onsite caretaker. Other sites are boutique size and well secured in visible locations, so would not be staffed.

Can I rent my unit out?

Yes. Rental management programs will be available.

What sizes are the storage condos?

Sizes range from 120 sq ft to 1560 sq ft.

Can you give me some general info about the property?

This varies based on locations but typically each site is secured, graveled and steel structures are erected on concrete slabs. Panel and trim colours create a pleasing appearance finished with landscaping features and professional signage. The structural and secondary framing is hot- dip galvanized making for a virtual maintained free investment. Steel panels and steel framing provide excellent fire resistance. The ceilings are insulated. The highest construction quality standards are met and exceed all local building code requirements. There is a 25 year rust performance warranty and a 35 year paint warranty on the buildings. Precision fabrication allows for fast and efficient construction following your purchase. Our Sicamous project will be sprinkled to provide fire protection.

Can I finance or mortgage a self storage condo?

Yes. See your bank or let our team of experienced lenders help you.

How much does a self storage condo cost?

Details and pricing are listed on each location page.